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Get a FREE Personal Consultation with award winning club owner and trainer Steve Davis

  •  A comprehensive Lifestyle evaluation to look at your aims, exercise history and what plan will work best for you within your daily routine.
  •  A full Nutritional analysis based on 3 days of your eating plan to check for areas of improvement.
  •  Find out what exercise regime your body type is most suited to.
  •  If you’re thinking of starting an exercise programme anytime soon or you’re looking for a new place to train then this one-time offer could be the ideal starting point for you!


£45 NOW £0!

Once reserved, we will contact you to arrange the best time for you to book your consultation.

You can also call us on 0191 236 8580 to find out more. 


About Me (and the birth of Axis Fitness)

I started training around 24 years ago in the usual body building gyms, using traditional volume training methods.

I stumbled across a gym in High Heaton that was equipped with Nautilus strength training equipment and no free weights. I was not impressed, but the instructor told me he would give me 3 sessions free and would convince me this was the gym for me. He was right. I loved it………..!

I started to train less but more intense and got better results than ever before. 

This is where I and a few others got the idea to open our own Nautilus gym. We opened our first gym with 3 pieces of nautilus equipment in a garage that we converted. This garage was bolted onto an osteopath clinic where we trained clients that had been referred to us by the clinic. This is where I got my core skills and knowledge with regard to strengthening the human body. We then decided to expand our unique skill set and opened a gym in North Shields, above a medical centre. There we got referrals from the local GP surgery.

We stayed there for a year but quickly realised we needed more space, that when we discovered Northern, in Gosforth. we have never looked back since.

My passion now is nutrition, studying for 10 years trying to understand the physical and psychological aspects of weight loss, I’ve been able to help many of my clients lose weight successfully and permanently.  

DON’T SPEND TOO LONG THINKING ABOUT THIS – because this fantastic Personal Consultation offer can’t last forever. Frankly my team reckon I’m bonkers for doing this, because we’re literally going to lose money. But I GENUINELY believe it’s the right and proper thing to do.


We really look forward to seeing you at Axis Fitness.

- Steve Davis

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