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Worried about fitting into your favourite black dress this Christmas Party season?

In just 6 weeks, we can change all that...

Register for our 6 Week Body Transformation Programme for just £35!

Includes Personal Training, nutrition assessment and a personalised programme

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Limited Number of Joiners

This Offer will expire in:


Announcing a brand new exercise formula to shed those unwanted pounds*, build an energy packed and youthful toned body in just 42 days!*

This offer is LIMITED to JUST 50 new joiners this month! Join us for 6 weeks* and feel the difference - A Lean Body you’d forgotten you had!  

Why You Should Join Us:

Our members are all ages, shapes, and sizes

Most joined when they heard how good our teachers, equipment, programmes and support are. (So good in fact that some of our regulars are staff from rival clubs!)

The support of our super-friendly staff

Acorns Kirsty PT

The welcoming atmosphere of the club and the expertise of our fitness team we can get you to achieve something really amazing to your health and bodyshape in just 6 short weeks!!*

Dropping a Dress size or losing a stone

Dropping a Dress size or losing a stone in weight is a commonplace when you follow our 6 week “Body Transformation” programme.


Here’s what our “Body Transformation Programme” includes:

  • An individually tailored fitness programme to deliver your desired “shape change” outcome in double fast time. We scan the worlds fitness clubs to bring to you the most cutting edge programmes!
  • Access to all of our superb range of facilities anytime for the duration of the 6 weeks. Mix your gym session with some group classes. It's all included in your package!
  • We will appoint one of our mentoring team to help you throughout the programme to ensure you get all the help you need. We work incredibly hard to ensure that you won’t feel isolated, insecure or like a fish out of water when you visit us.
  • We will make sure that we are in regular touch with you throughout the whole programme so you’ve always got the chance to ask advice, get help and stay motivated. Clubs can be lonely places when you first join and this service will really help you.
  • We will analyse your diet and give you the right nutritional advice to ensure your chances of success are not hampered by an unhelpful diet. The best results come when we combine a personally tailored fitness plan and a suitable diet.
  • We will show you how to chart the results of your programme each workout session so you will feel invigorated as you see terrific improvements in your performance within just a couple of sessions. 
  • We will be measuring your “heart rate performance” to ensure that your programme is EXACTLY* set at the right INTENSITY for you. Not too hard and not to easy.
  • For your toning and shaping exercise, we will be using a cutting edge “hi-intensity” training method which is UNIQUE to our Club in the area and which we have found, delivers exceptional results!
  • You will have your own “Personal Progress Pack” where you can measure for yourself the changes in your body shape, flexibility and strength as your “body's transformation“ starts to takes place.
  • Your body shape will start to change ahead of improvements on the scales. You will see differences in the shape of your body because toned, lean muscle is denser than bodyfat - it's simple biology but we want you to be able to feel and measure these fantastic results  

So that’s our offer to you – a fully supported programme that’s fast acting, individually tailored for you supported to deliver the success you want.*

Yes that right. In just 42 days*, we can help you get control again of your life and most definitely make serious improvements to your fitness levels and body shape.* So here’s our offer ... A cutting edge, specially formatted, high intensity, individual 6 week* fitness and nutritional programmes, supported by friendly staff. It’s an ideal opener if you’ve never joined a fitness club before or if you have felt let down by a club in the past.



Because we can’t offer this level of service and support to everyone, we can only accept 50 people onto the programme. 

Register today to avoid disappointment.

Just a 6 week* programme to experience why our club is different and why we have become the area’s most successful fitness club. Why don’t you register for our Unbelievable Offer Now?  

This Offer will expire in:


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*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person!

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