Lordswood Open Day

North Dane Way, Chatham, Kent, ME5 8YE  


FREE Access All Day!

Saturday 17th February 2018

Discover the difference a little regular exercise and relaxation can make to your lifestyle... Acorns Gym brings together all the very best in design and equipment to create the ultimate health & fitness club right on your doorstep! 

Here’s your chance to have full access to our club for a whole day, Completely FREE Of Charge as our Guest.  

We will be running a host of activities, competitions, Free sessions and gifts over the day for you all to enjoy. Whether you’re a regular, casual or novice exerciser, you can be sure we will provide all the information you need to help see that Acorns Gym is the place for you. 

Once you have registered, we will get back to you to discuss what you can expect on the day. You can also call us on 01634 682862 to find out more information about the day.

So why not register your interest now by CLICKING HERE (you can even bring a friend too!) Over the day, one of our friendly team will arrange to greet you, show you where to change, tour our facilities so you know where everything is and introduce you to the teachers and fitness team who will be handling your sessions.  

And, if you don't want to exercise, just have a look round and get a feel for the unique atmosphere at Acorns Gym, then that's fine too!  

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So What’s On Offer?

Lordswood Gym

Access to our fully furnished Gym area

Lordswood Fitness Classes

Introduction to our Group Exercise classes

Acorns Nathan PT

Expert advice and tips from our team of fully qualified Personal Trainers

Introduction into our numerous fitness and dietary programmes

One lucky person will win a complimentary 1 month membership at the club

Free tea and coffee available to you throughout the day

Find out about our range of fitness services by clicking on the link below:

What Our Members Say

"I have been a member of Acorns gym for 6 years now, and it is down to the friendly atmosphere and the help of the gym Instructors that have kept me going. You can get regular programme updates and PT is available if you need that bit extra. It’s nice to relax in the sauna and steam room after a hard work out. Also available to help with any injuries is the Sports Injury Clinic which is a god send for me. They also offer nutrition help as well so if you're serious about getting fit and healthy join Acorns Gym". 

- Nicky

"I was a member for a few years but due to a house move it wasn’t really practical for everyday use so it suits me that I can pay just for classes and still attend my favourite HIIT class. James is a great instructor and HIIT certainly does the job!".  

- Myra Collinson

"I started training at Acorns because my wife said I had to! I stayed because I found a really friendly and helpful bunch of Instructors, who try to find ways of motivating and challenging you. The clientele are also friendly and not at all intimidating. There is a wide variety of equipment to use and the membership is better value than at other gyms. It’s easy to get to and parking isn’t a problem. It’s also a nice, clean environment in which to work out.". 

- Jim Newton

"As a busy family it’s often hard to find the time to do those things you really want. To spend time together, keep fit, stay healthy, gain some muscle, stay trim, gain some “me” time and switch off from the mobile. On top of all this to have the help, advice and guidance of some quality and passionate staff who are able, willing and ready to personalise a plan to suit whatever your goal may be or your time will allow.  

For our family, Acorns was the single best option that was capable of meeting all of these needs all of the time. More than three years on and it’s still meeting these needs and is an important part of our family life, whether we work out together or individually. A habit we’re glad to have.".  

- Jayne, Dominic, Dan, Dec and Jack Simmons


Saturday 17th February

Pre Booking is essential. We try to run a very friendly club and that means we need to know who is coming and when so we can make sure that you get the attention you need and enjoy a very pleasurable experience at our Club. Once registered, we will get back to you to arrange your visit to the Club and book you in on any of the sessions that we will be running.  

Come and Experience the Science of Feeling Great! Come and See How ACORNS GYM, Chatham's Friendliest & Most Diverse Fitness Club, makes it happen for people just like YOU!

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